Wanted: A Chaperon (Part B) - October 18, 2014 

October 18, 2014 - Wanted: A Chaperon 

This is the first time I opted not to act on a production. I insisted on participating behind the scenes. I volunteered as Production Manager to this wonderful class of mine last August. Deep down I know I wanted to perform but I wanted a different kind of challenge this time. I want to make my knowledge in theater broader than being able to internalize a character and tell his/her story in front of hundreds people. 

Production Managers work behind everything and are huge reasons for almost everything working out the way they’re supposed to for the production. They are the overall in charge of schedules, budget, publicity, marketing, decision-makings, and crucial tasks. They have the heaviest load on their shoulders on the process of making the production. She shoulders the director’s, actors’, and crew’s concerns. 

Obviously a far fetched task from my typical acting on stage. It was an experience I glad I put myself into. I’ve never felt so stressed and pressured in my whole life. 

Being the production manager taught me how to become flexible not just in managing schedules but also handling budget, harnessing PR skills, and making people meet halfway. I learned to put others before myself and understand that inside a class of 27, there 27 different minds colliding. Scary but at the same time the most beautiful thing about it. 

The bond created during this production is undeniably one of the things I’ll always remember about it. I thought I knew my blockmates during the two semesters we’ve been together. There were more to the quiet faces and humbling eyes. There are stronger personalities hiding behind the simple nods. And I loved every bit of added knowledge of people I’ve been with for the past year. 

During TDRs we generally dont come out as THE BEST one. There were always technical problems, actor concerns etc in between. Things like this could not be avoided inside the theater. Especially after our last TDR, it was scary seeing how we werent 101% ready (and show day was only the next day!). I was worried but I doubt never came into mind. I insisted on believing on what we can do because I know we indeed capable of doing so. 


Everything went too well. Far too well that even I who knew what would happen, enjoyed and found little surprises from my dearest actors and crew. 

I am still in awe even after two days. I love this team and I am very fortunate to have them behind me. 

Yours truly,
PROUDuction Manager 

WANTED: A CHAPERON (PUBMATS - POSTER A) - For the most part I’d like to consider myself as a minimalist. I prefer simple and clean layouts for my designs. Typically it’s not a struggle because I get a spark of idea and jot it on my idea book then put them into action.

My idea for this set seemed incredible when I was plotting my plan for it but when I started doing the posters I felt awful. Mostly because I felt like my design was not seeming to how I planned it to. As I started to rationalize as to what was wrong with the design I concluded that it might’ve something to do with our play itself. 
Wanted: A Chaperon’s theme deviates from the two other plays we’re showing with. Their plays are dramatic, heavy, and dark while ours is the exact opposite - humorous, light, and fun. I had to deal with the dissonance of the situation since my (our section’s) poster wouldn’t blend with the others. A justification for that situation is that ours is literally different in terms of theme, so obviously it wont blend.

Putting all that in mind I managed to be sane again.  

Another funny story - since I refuse to put more elements into the design, it felt blank. While thinking of what else to put inside the poster I started to do the footer (the one with credits of who directed it, who’s the production manager etc). Once done with the footer. I placed it on the bottom of the poster then bam(!) it looked better and complete. Yung text lang pala kailangan, hahahaha

 Penny Boarding in Tagaytay - Introducing my sister. 

KIMPO TURNS 18 - SAVE THE DATE (September 5, 2014) | My latest project! One of the prettiest yet funniest persons I know is going to celebrate her legalization! I’m grateful you’ve trusted me with this. 

you're actually one of the people i look up to. :-) i just wish nagkaabutan yung batches natin, haha.

Hi! Thank you :) That means so much, sometimes I dont even think I deserve such words. People like you help me keep motivated specially during trying times. Haha namaaaan. Ohhh are you from the upper or lower years? 

Company of One’s Dance Concert: Sole to Soul - August 15, 2014 

Everything’s just better when it’s printed. This is Level 1 in building my The 1975 corner. Planning on having poster designs I personally have done of The 1975 be printed as well. I’ll let you have a look at them once they’re ready. 

Everything’s just better when it’s printed. This is Level 1 in building my The 1975 corner. Planning on having poster designs I personally have done of The 1975 be printed as well. I’ll let you have a look at them once they’re ready.