Penny Boarding in Tagaytay - Introducing my sister. 

KIMPO TURNS 18 - SAVE THE DATE (September 5, 2014) | My latest project! One of the prettiest yet funniest persons I know is going to celebrate her legalization! I’m grateful you’ve trusted me with this. 

you're actually one of the people i look up to. :-) i just wish nagkaabutan yung batches natin, haha.

Hi! Thank you :) That means so much, sometimes I dont even think I deserve such words. People like you help me keep motivated specially during trying times. Haha namaaaan. Ohhh are you from the upper or lower years? 

Company of One’s Dance Concert: Sole to Soul - August 15, 2014 

Everything’s just better when it’s printed. This is Level 1 in building my The 1975 corner. Planning on having poster designs I personally have done of The 1975 be printed as well. I’ll let you have a look at them once they’re ready. 

Everything’s just better when it’s printed. This is Level 1 in building my The 1975 corner. Planning on having poster designs I personally have done of The 1975 be printed as well. I’ll let you have a look at them once they’re ready. 

Filipino Women during the American Occupation (an Introduction): I wasnt really supposed to upload this until Thursday but I can’t help how happy some things turned out. 

This video is a start of many things. 

Believe it or not, I dont really plot down the storyline and the concept of a video during preparations for it. I just stock all the ideas in my head and push through whatever. That might only work for events documentation but that’s not really the best option when doing video projects such as this. 

We needed to finish a 2-3 minute long presentation under an hour. That’s pretty tight. Specially if all you have is a vague plot rotting in your head.

I decided to change my gameplay this time. 

I put out my ideas notebook (Yes, I have that. I might show it to you guys one day) and started plotting what I want to happen with the video. I’ve been rediscovering my style the past few months and I think, I may have established a part of it on this one. Anyway, I just wrote it the way I would understand it. 

The time to shoot came and I saw the huge help of pre-production work. 

  • Shortens shooting time: it’s a lot easier to direct the group since you already have the ideas in sync with the plot and storyline. 
  • Fast post production: well it really depends on your post production rituals but for me, it was easier to pan out the tools and things I’m going to need. I dont need to scavenger too much for inspiration since I got it all prepared 
  • BETTER RESULTS: Why? Simply because there’s a process it went through. It was a “developed” idea from paper then put into action. It was an impromptu thing that “went with whatever was there”. Maybe some videographers prefer this, but personally, I think it helped me to produce better outcomes when I did prep-work. 
  • Goodbye hair-tearing panic: It happens when your short on ideas on how to stitch the clips you captured, not to mention, randomly. 

Organization is key. I can’t believe I just realized that now. If you’re just like me before, randomly shooting when an idea pops ON THE TIME OF THE SHOOT - give this a shot. It might be the help you’ve been looking for. 

My AE-1’s okay! These were some of the proper shots my “test roll” produced. I literally just snapped away with that roll to check if there is actually anything wrong with my darling film camera. Turns out it was fine :). I’ve asked a few film photographers regarding my issue with it (including the great Kimi Juan) and got answers telling me that it might be wrong loading of film. I think that was it actually because while unwinding the film last time, it snapped too early and I did not feel the friction while turning the knob. Hmmm. Glad it’s fine but I’m still so darn curious with how the photos might have printed in that roll *sighs*. 

I plan on finishing a roll every month to help me improve my eye for it. 
If you also dont know I’m starting a DOCUMENT YOUR LIFE. To know what I’m talking about check it. It’ll be interesting for people like me who like to shoot videos and document :) 

Reposting because I think I finally found myself in post processing (if that even makes sense). I’ve been trying to formulate curves from scratch. Coloring and post-processing is tedious work. In this set I’m showing you some of the post-processing I’ve applied on our Ilocos Tour last December 2013. You can compare how I post processed them then and now. 

I’ve also resorted to stop placing watermark on my photos. I may just place them during event coverages for the school paper. In my personal and client work I decided not to, I’ve realized how much it takes away the effect of a photo that’s supposed to be standing on its own. I dont have anything against watermarking but I dont think it helps when the watermarks (like mine) would catch too much attention. Besides it’s not like it is hard to remove the watermark that exists on the lower right corner of my photos. For as long as they credit, I dont mind. Posting it online is also letting the rest of the world “use” it, despite your terms, there will always be people stealing your deal off. Let them have it, you know to yourself that you did what they’re stealing, means you’re basically ahead of them.