13/52 - Forever Summer

13/52 - Forever Summer

CLOSE UP FOREVER SUMMER 2014 (April 5, 2014) @ Globe Circuit Makati.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 5 (since DSLRs were not allowed *sobs*)

Close Up Forever Summer 2014 

Euphoria. That was it. The exact word to explain what I felt in the midst of flashing lights, booming confetti, and exploding fireworks. It was that moment when I felt like nothing wrong could ever happen. 

The hyped crowd, the intense edm produced live, and the fist pumping was insane. It was a rave, my first one and I had no idea I’d savor the moment this much. 

Close Up Forever Summer had been a huge talk of the town ever since they started their promo of “making our own concert-party”. For months it charted Twitter’s trending topics and had been mentioned in numerous posts online. It’s crazy how my friend talked me into this but I’m thankful that she did. 

Upon arriving in Makati, there was already traffic build up by Pasong Tamo and we were barely moving. We decided to walk till the venue since according to the traffic enforcer (we asked for directions) it was a good walk from where our car was. While walking, a number of people in their “hipster like” outfits seemed to be going the same way as we were. Yep, no doubt, they were also going to the concert-party. 

The tickets were sold out, we didnt expect the arena to be empty; it was packed! It wasn’t also a surprise to see that 90% of the crowd were as young (and awesome) as we were. 

The night was young at 9:00 and we decided to roam a little bit around the venue. There were food tents, photobooths, an inflated castle, and queues for drinks in every damn tent possibly selling beverages. At quarter to 10 we decided to find our place in the crowd. Being in the VIP, we wouldnt miss the chance to find a good spot to see Alesso, Helena, Mars Miranda, and Ace Ramos play. Although Helena would just start by 11:00 pm, we made our way through the crowd the nearest we could. And hoora, we were successful! 

Helena was good and for a new edm artist she’s going to be interesting to look out for. 

Then here comes Alesso, oh this guy. Oh this darling guy. The genius! I cant believe I was “raving” to his music. It was overwhelming enough to see him live, but to actually have fun and “party” along with it was an understatement of “FUN”. 

We left at around 2:00 am, till Alesso’s final set. Being inside that huge crowd was tiring and left us worn out. We were not prepared for something that too intense. The heat was killing us as well, not to mention how dehydrated we were! We needed to make our way out and find anything we could drink. We found a tent solely selling drinks, canned sodas were sold twice the price but people did not give a damn, WE JUST WANTED TO DRINK.

 So we lined up, and just when three people were ahead the seller announced that they could only accommodate nine more buyers. We were relieved, we were 6th customer give or take. 

We then decided to head off and relieve ourselves from the such high intensity inside a McDonald’s. Oh goodness, I’ve never craved for ice cream and float that much. And once drinking; IT FELT LIKE HEAVEN. 

I look forward to more concerts like this (not to mention, how I should physically prepare for it lol). 


CLOSE UP FOREVER SUMMER 2014 (AFTERMOVIE) from Bianca Niccole on Vimeo.

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A night I’d gladly put on repeat forever! It was my first “rave” per se, I had my expectations but I did not see myself savoring the moment THIS MUCH. I’ve had too much fun! The sweat, the intensity, the amazing djs! Oh the euphoria every time I relive the moment. Who wouldn’t feel giddy with Alesso, Helena, Mars Miranda, and Ace Ramos pumping it up. Damn son.

Thank you Close Up Philippines! You deserve a ton of thumbs up.

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A message from Anonymous
Hi goodevening Bianca! I red your blog about taking MIRCAT and I want to ask something, did you passed it? How's the exam? I ask this because I'll take also the entrance exam this coming April 5. Hope you can give me tips about the exam. I really want to pass it because it's my only hope.. Thank you so much. :)))

Hi! The exam is not really as difficult as the other universities, but still scan a few notes :). Miriam will be there, I promise you! Pray and have enough sleep. Good luck! 

Camit - Ong Nuptials

It wasn’t your all too traditional wedding. My Uncle is not like any other 29-year old males. He’s a very private person who isn’t at all that fond of kids but manages to have fun and bond with us, his new nieces. But like other men, he’s very much into gaming. He invests a lot on his consoles. He loves to read science-fiction and is a huge anime fan. 

We can be mistaken for being siblings every time we’re out. I come to him when I have troubles with my gadgets and we come to solve it together. 

That’s why when I heard the news that he’s decided with settling down with Aunt Maureen, I was surprised. The good kind. 

You see, I see him as an older brother. Knowing that someone who I play with online is about to get married feels surreal! 

The ceremony was solely composed of people closest to the couple. And you can notice this by the humbling number of people invited. 

For me, during the “you can kiss the bride moments” I felt proud out of him. I’d be like “KALARO KO SA GUILD WARS YAN!”. And now there he is, instead of holding a controller, he’s holding the hands of his destiny.

Congratulations Uncle! 

Canon EOS 600D
12/52 - Camit - Ong Nuptials 
Last March 28, 2014 I attended one of the most humble and intimate wedding ceremonies ever. Congratulations to my youngest Uncle for finally meeting his soul mate! 

12/52 - Camit - Ong Nuptials 

Last March 28, 2014 I attended one of the most humble and intimate wedding ceremonies ever. Congratulations to my youngest Uncle for finally meeting his soul mate! 

Camera: Canon AE-1 
Medium: Film (Kodak ISO 100)